Virtual Thermostat Example Code Does Not Match Built-In

I am trying to get the thermostat mode and fan controls working on the thermostat dashboard tile. If I install the built-in Virtual Thermostat device, the mode and fan buttons work (they bring up a selector). If I add my own device using the Hubitat example code for the Virtual Thermostat on Github, the mode and fan buttons don't work. So it seems the code on Github is not the same code as the built-in device. I added all the required attributes and commands per the thermostat spec but the mode and fan buttons don't work on the dashboard tile (temperature change works fine). Is the built-in code available? Has anyone got the mode and fan buttons on the dashboard tile to work in their code?

Could it be related to this.

The code won't match for a number of reasons. However, I just updated the example code with a necessary fix wrt supportedThermostatModes and supportedThermostatFanModes. This update should solve your problem.

Thanks. That fixed it.