Virtual thermostat asymmetric hysteresis?

Could the virtual thermostat driver be updated to support an asymmetric hysteresis setting above/below the temperature setpoint?

Or does anyone know of a published virtual thermostat driver that I could take a closer look at?

Thanks for considering, tagging @mike.maxwell, @bcopeland.

You can simulate asymmetric hysteresis by offsetting the base value so hysteresis it balanced.

For instance:

75Ā° going up = 2, going down = 3

is the same as:
74.5 up and down hysteresis = 2.5

Now if your goal is really to really more resolution... that is a different issue.

Thanks, I have considered making some rules to shift the virtual thermostat temperature setpoint up and down slightly as a workaround. But Iā€™m not that great at rule logic, and changing the hysteresis setting in the driver would be simpler (for me at least, not for hubitat devs :slight_smile:) .