Virtual Switch seen as Light in Alexa

I am having an issue with the virtual switch in Alexa. For some reason Alexa sees the virtual switch as a Light. I checked the setting in the Alexa app and it’s set as a switch and not a light. I am using this virtual switch to run some automations. For example, when the Alexa routine runs to wake me up in the morning it reads my schedule, weather, and turns on the virtual switch. Hubitat uses this virtual switch to then dim up the lights and then opens the blinds after sunrise. The issue comes in when you tell Alexa to turn on all lights it is then also triggering all virtual switches and associated automations. I am using the auto off (after 1 second) to treat this switch as a momentary. I searched through the device list and cannot find any other device type that works. I tried using a button, but Alexa cannot see this device.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get a momentary switch / button that Alexa can see that it doesn’t think is a light?

If you go into the Alexa app, and bring up the switch properties you should be able to tell it that it is a switch instead of a light.

Correct, it's set as a switch when you look at the settings of the device in Alexa. But when you pull it up in the Alexa routines it is showing as a light. Same if you say turn on all lights.

Correct, the device is set as a switch but Alexa still sees it as a light. You can see that when you try adding the device to a routine, it's under lights even though the device type is set to a switch. I'm not sure if this is an issue on the Hubitat or Alexa side.

Does anyone know of a momentary switch device type that Alexa can see that is not seen as a light?