Virtual Switch Scene Restriction Not Working

I've just moved over from SmartThings, and I'm recreating some of my scenes (mostly holiday scenes). I'm attempting to use a Virtual Switch restriction to enable/disable my scenes, so that I don't have to worry about any rules, which may trigger them, accidentally firing off during the off-season and messing up other scenes, which may use those outlets/switches.

Here's a screenshot of my restriction:

However, the scene still fires, whether the switch is set to on or off, much to the annoyance of my son, who was coding by the light of the Christmas tree tonight as I was testing this.

@bravenel I am seeing the exact same issue.

I have a virtual switch "WorkingFromHome". When this switch is Off the scene is supposed to be restriced. However, in a rule I call Activate Scene "WorkingFromHome" and it still activates, despite the switch being Off.

Am I just misunderstanding how this is supposed to work, or a possible bug?

I ended up writing an app to deal with this for the way I need it to function. "Virtual Switch Enabler." It's available through the package manager. Although I realized yesterday that one of the documentation links is broken, so will need to do a patch release.

That app seems like it would fit the bill, though I'm a little annoyed at having to have two virtual devices per scene. Two features you might consider:

  • Scene restrictions, which this duplicates, allows you to gate on the switch being on or off; your app only works for allow-when-on.
  • If the scene has attempted to be set and the enabling switch is turned on, it would be nice if the scene took effect at that point. It appears that the logic is evaluated only when the first switch changes.

But separate from the app, this still appears to be a bug in Scenes which I'm still seeing. @bravenel or anyone else from the Hubitat team, is this known? On a roadmap to fix?