Virtual Switch Scenario? Motion to Alexa/Google Home Wifi Device

I have a wifi power strip connected to alexa/google home. I haven't really used virtual switches in the past, and didn't see it mentioned in the documentation here. So I'm a bit behind on using them.

I am looking to allow my Iris (IL07_1) to activate the wifi power strip on motion, but turn it off after 3 hours of no motion. Not trying to use full Alexa Routines (unless it's the best thing to do in this scenario), is a better case to setup a virtual device in Hubitat to turn on this power strip when there is motion, and turn off when there is no motion for 3 hours? Also, would this also be best done with (2) simple automation rules, one for virtual switch on and one for virtual switch off?

1 virtual switch and Simple Auto should do the trick (then tie the vswitch to the strip in Alexa/Google or IFTTT)

Is that what you were thinking? Not sure if Simple Auto has builtin "cancel-able" but my guess is it does.

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Good deal @TechMedX! Is there any trick to setup the virtual switch, when not zigbee or Z-Wave?

no, a VS is just a way to interface with programing/devices. If you think of them as physical switches that don't need to be touched, it might help :wink:

Let me ask an alternative question which may also need a virtual switch.

I have ring door sensors. if door is open at night (while taking the dog out), i'd like to keep a dimmer switch on and/or for a certain number of minutes. This dimmer switch is also activated by a motion sensor, and ML turns it off after a certain number of minutes. Is this something to solve with a virtual switch, or is there an alternative to consider?

Trying to figure out VS between Hubitat and Alexa devices.