Virtual Switch refuses to show on dashboard or availiable in the list of devices to make available in the app

I've added virtual switches to the dashboard before that are still there and work. But the one I just made does not show up on the Dashboard App list to be made available to the dashboard or the list to be used as added tiles. What have I done wrong?

Did you refresh the dashboard page after creating the new device?

Yes I did. I actually closed the whole app and reopened it to be sure. The Switch shows in Devices and says it's Virtual. Turns on/off inside the device page but absolutely refuses to show on the Dashboard. I have another virtual switch on the dashboard and the setup for both of them looks exactly the same in the device app. It's just weird.

And I just put the switch into an app and it worked to turn on/off a light. So it's in there somewhere.

So I deleted the switch and created it again and it worked. Still very weird.