Virtual switch interactions

A while back I thought I had seen something about there being a difference between manual or physical interaction versus automated interaction when it came to rules. Does this also apply to virtual devices? For instance, if I were to interact with a switch on a dashboard could that be taken differently by rule machine compared to if I have an automation interact with the switch?

I can only imagine it depends on the driver.... Without any experience of this myself. Do you have a particular device where you are wanting to understand the behaviour?

Yes, it's just a basic virtual switch with the native driver.

So are you asking if there would be a difference between interacting with the device on the Device Edit page (commands) vs a Dashboard?

No I'm actually wanted to know about a difference between dashboard and automated.

Hmmm.... I would have thought the behaviour between the Device Edit page and RM rules, for example, would have been the same...

Is there a particular situation you are wanting to make sure works the way you need it to? Actually, I think you have already answered that... a basic virtual switch...

Actually thinking about it more I realized that what I'm trying to accomplish is perfectly doable already. I have a virtual switch that disables a automatic mode change on the weekends if it is desired and to sleep longer. If that switches used the changing mode would then be done via a dashboard. I was going to set up the sleep in switch to be automatically turned off when the mode changes. I was originally thinking that when that automatic change would happen the switch would be turned off but the switch will be preventing that automatic change so I should be fine. The thought process on this stuff gets very confusing sometimes.

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My work brain (admittedly pretty dormant at the moment...) typically kicks in at moments like these and wants to understand the background to a question that focus' on a solution vs one that focus' on the outcome. Not always what is needed, but can be effective.

Glad you got something out of it this time...

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Looks like you've already got this sorted but...

Bruce shared this with me... when using a switch as a trigger, you can use "physical on" as an event. I don't think this would work with a virtual switch unless you could somehow get it to change state without using a dashboard or a rule.