Virtual Switch Error

Had a friends system malfunction this morning. He couldn't change his mode to home. He does this with a virtual switch on a dashboard. I looked at the logs and saw this error over and over again.

dev:1642022-12-20 08:36:47.509 App 131 generates excessive hub load on line 65 (method on)

Not sure how a virtual switch can generate that kind of error. I had to reboot his hub to get things to start working again.

Any thoughts?

a Virtual Switch is a Device... dev:164 in your example. The FAULT was in an App. app:131 in your example.

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There is no app 131. Unless it is a built in app and I can't find which one. Some of the errors reference app 1, which looks like the dashboard app, which again is built in.

EDIT: ok, app 131 is Maker API. So in both cases it's a built in app. So I can't look at the line number.

Is it possible in the dashboard that the switch got messed up and was repeatly going on/off? There was nothing new here, been working fine for a couple years.

browse to any App on the hub, you'll see a URL similar to:

http://<your IP address\>/installedapp/configure/1/mainPage

where the #1 is the number of the app. On your friend's system, try:


This will tell you Which App "owner" you need to tell. :smiley:

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In both cases the app owner would be HE as they are built in apps.

We seem to be in full agreement...

This started as a full mystery and has now been reduced to only "Why did MakerAPI produce an overload?" that Hubitat can answer. :smiley:

I'll back away and let Hubitat (@support_team ) handle the rest. :slight_smile:

What is on the other side of MakeAPI, i.e. could whatever is reading the data from MakerAPI be sending a command or something else that would cause a loop?

The only thing (which I kinda forgot about) that is using the MakerAPI, is a HomeRemote dashboard. So thinking something in that went bonkers.

This can be produced by having a closed loop of rules, sort of like switch 1 triggers switch 2, which triggers switch 1, etc. Hard to tell without having a hub id and engineering logs to sift through :slight_smile:

The virtual switch has an automatic turn off after 2 seconds. I just wonder if in the HomeRemote dashboard if the switch was stuck on for some reason and it was thus going on/off. Gonna keep an eye on it. It never happened before so hopefully it was just a fluke.

The only reason I had him using the HomeRemote dashboard was to avoid him having to open either the local or remote one from HE. It was easier for him to understand when it would switch automatically. Gonna have to work on that situation I guess.

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