[Virtual Switch] Enable Auto Off variable time

It would be great if the Auto Off can be an input so the time can be variable from 0s to 31536000 seconds (1 year). For the interim can you add 10 seconds as a dropdown item?

I have mine controlling a valve that needs about 10 seconds to complete the transition but needs more than 5 seconds to complete.


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It would be simple to have a rule that is triggered when the switch turns on then turns the switch off based on a variable, an event, or whatever you want, even a delay of 10 sec if that’s what you need.

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Do you need to use the system driver for Homekit sharing? Otherwise there are custom made user drivers with more options. [RELEASE] Virtual Switch Universal Device Type (uDTH) - good for Alexa, IFTTT, HSM, and other integrations

Absolutely and what I have done. It has built in defaults but if there are defaults then it could easily be a manual input too.

I do not need HomeKit sharing so this is great! Thanks @jtp10181.

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