Virtual Switch/Button Driver for Dashboard

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This is exactly what I need, but nowhere in the original post was it mentioned what the driver is called and the website link no longer works. Does anyone know what the driver is called?

In case anyone else has another solution, I essentially need something like the "Mode" template in the dashboard. The solution attached here is a switch-button driver, so you can press the button and it updates the switch state on a different tile in the dashboard.

What is getting clicked on in that image is a Button control.

I just ended up creating a global variable with connector device, 2 virtual buttons, and a RM rule.

But, there is quite a bit of delay from when the Button is clicked and the Display on the Global Variable on the dashboard. The delay is really an issue with how I'm communicating to Ring. There isn't an official integration. I'm using virtual contact sensors to send info to Alexa, who then controls the Ring status. Then, to send info back to HE, I'm using virtual switches.

Edit: I spoke to soon. It's actually fine. My internet must have just been slow at that time.