Virtual Shade Transition Time

I am trying to test the 'set level in x seconds' feature of the virtual shade but it doesn't appear that the device accepts the time element of the command and defaults to the transition time in the device properties. Am I missing something or is this broken?

Appears you're right (though for a better test, I'd leave webCoRE out of the picture and just try the "Set Level" command directly from the device page, which is what I did):


'Set Level' with level 50 and duration 15 on virtual shade device page

plus this:

Virtual shade device page with 'transition time' preference set to 5 seconds

gives this:

Logs: virtual shade reaching level 50 after 5 seconds instead of 15

...with the logs showing that the setLevel(50,15) ignored the transition time and just used the "transition time" preference value instead.

Not sure who wrote this driver, but staff are pretty good at looking at the forums, so I'm sure the right person will see this. If not, we can try tagging someone in the post if it's been a while without a fix. :smiley: