Virtual Security System device for HomeBridge?

I'm trying to connected my Konnected security system to HomeKit via HomeBridge. Everything integrates well, except that the armed/disarmed status of the system is represented as an open/close system on Hubitat (this is how the Konnected integration works). What would be much nicer is if I could translate the armed/disarmed status into a virtual 'security system' device on HE, and then push the virtual security system device to HomeKit via Homebridge, so that it shows up in HomeKit as a security system. Any ideas on how to do that? I'm not sure what underlying driver HSM uses, but HSM shows up in HomeKit the way that I would want my Konnected panel to. Is there a way to use the same driver as HSM?

The only capability i see that might would work would be a SecurityKeypad. But there's no virtual driver for that, and I'm not sure Homekit would recognize it...if that's even the right capability at all.

EDIT: I tried creating a custom device with the SecurityKeypad capability, but HomeKit didn't recognize the device...Says it isn't supported...

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