Virtual Presence not working

Virtual presence current state is not updating. Stucks on Present state. Log shows the correct status when clicking Arrived/Departed but Current state is not changing also device events list is also not logging.

Live logging

dev:3522018-03-04 11:05:43.920:infoRaY Life360 has arrived
dev:3522018-03-04 11:05:35.247:infoRaY Life360 has departed
dev:3522018-03-04 11:05:34.297:infoRaY Life360 has arrived
dev:3522018-03-04 11:05:32.952:infoRaY Life360 has departed

Device Events still stamped from yesterday

|presence|present||RaY Life360 has arrived|DEVICE||03/03/2018 9:31 PM|
|presence|not present||RaY Life360 has departed|DEVICE||03/03/2018 7:57 PM|
|presence|present||RaY Life360 has arrived|DEVICE||03/03/2018 2:29 PM|
|presence|not present||RaY Life360 has departed|DEVICE||03/03/2018 11:54 AM|

Edit : 2 reboots and it’s back to working.