Virtual Light to turn on/off and control volume on Echo Speakers

My goal is to be able to turn off/on my Alexa speakers/speaker groups and control their volume through a virtual light. I have a brilliant smart switch and have SmartThings (connected via HubConnect with my Hubitat). I was able to connect my virtual light to my brilliant and through Rule Machine made it turn on/off, and tested out a rule making it volume 1 (10%) whenever the virtual light was 10% brightness.

Is there an easier way than making a rule for every percentage of brightness to correspond to the volume? If I can copy and paste a rule that makes it easier but I would like to avoid making 10-100 rules for each speaker/group.

Is there a reason you posted this twice? If you think you posted in the wrong area, you can probably move it on your own (the pencil/edit icon next to the title), though I'm not sure if new users have that option or if it comes with time. Someone can also do it for you. But I think the first category you posted in is better. I also wouldn't stress out too much about that in the first place. Lots of people here read almost everything anyway, and no one usually gets upset about where things are anyway (unless they belong in the Time-Out Room). :slight_smile:

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