Virtual hub

OK so spending my time in my office at the bottom of the garden and wondered if I could create a virtual hub that would activate everything in their and switch my presence off l, turning on away mode on the house

As far as I know the hub can't determine presence without either a zigbee presence sensor or cloud based phone tracker.
You need to tell us how you're currently controlling presence with your hub.

If it's cloud based gps your garden might not be far enough to track that. Might need manual buttons on your doors you can press as you go in and out for the day if I'm guessing your situation correctly...

This is a little hard to follow.

You have lights, sensors etc. in your office that are paired directly to one (physical) hubitat hub? A different hub than the one in the house?

Can you go into some more detail re: what you want to have happen when you're in your office?

Have phone presance, it was just a thought as as wife turned heating on then went out today but away mode didn't turn on as I was still in the geo zone, was thinking a tight zone at the bottom of the garden then a rule which when I was in the office zone it switched my presance off.
Hence the vital hub/ location.

Hmm. You could probably us something like Alexa, IFTTT, Homekit, whatever to coordinate "switch" states between your two hubs to change actions.

The other option is I believe HubConnect let's you connect two hubs that are not on the same network, but that seems like overkill.

You could put sensors in the office to register that you're there?

Yea and put a rule to change my status to away in the house.
But a geo event would change me back to home.
I don't think it can be done, put the house into away mode while I'm in the main houses geo zone

I have a work at home mode. If I'm at home between hours of X and Y Monday to Friday and the wife leaves it goes to that mode. Then have it return when she comes home.
This way you set up the house for that situation.


Is your home mode automation setup so that it triggers when you arrive? Or is it a rule that uses the condition of your phone being present?

Assuming it’s an arrived trigger, if you remain inside the geofence for home while in the office, there shouldn’t be any geo events to trigger home mode.

Mode manger actives away and day mode based on my phone location

Have you considered relaxing the hard coupling of your phone’s presence to mode manager?

Eg create a virtual presence sensor and a rule to set the virtual sensor based on your phone’s presence and your office sensors. Then use the virtual sensor to drive mode manager.

Like the idea might have to test that out

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