Virtual Gas Sensor Driver

Is there a virtual Gas Sensor available for Hubitat ?
Could someone please clarify this ?

Assuming you mean one that uses the "Gas Detector" capability (intended for natural gas), it appears not. Virtual drivers for a single-attribute capability are pretty easy to write if there is a need, however. If you're looking for CO or CO2, there are built-in options, though not all will be specifically geared towards just these attributes.

Maybe this?


What would the purpose of a virtual gas detector be? Rule testing?

That's what I use them for.

Most of mine date back to HubConnect testing. These trivial ones don't provide much insight, like a virtual thermostat or virtual GDO does with their interactions. Mine are all 'hybrid' with a switch included so that I could test with Apple HomeKit Automations years back.

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Thank you. It worked for me.

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