Virtual Dimmer - Feature Request - Don't auto on

Would it be possible to put a "Don't turn 'Switch On' flag" in the HE native Virtual Dimmer ?

Use Case: I am working on a HE<->ST solution and when I do scheduled sync's and make a pass to update the level, the logic (not sure why it is needed) kicks in and turns on the switch.

(yea, I can write my own DTH, but trying to use native drivers as much as possible :slight_smile:)

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Why not write your own?

if you need a starting point. :slight_smile:


this is the way that real dimmers work.


Arenโ€™t there some that support pre-staging?

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Few, and i mean very few.
On the Zigbee side its actually an incorrect interpretation of the spec.


Do you have a parent app or driver on Hubitat that is manipulating the state of this virtual dimmer, then? If so, for all of these devices, you probably want to use the built-in "Generic Component..." drivers instead of the "Virtual..." drivers. They do not perform anything on their own, just generate events based on what you pass to their parse() methods, so you will not run into this issue with a component dimmer device. The HubitatPublic repo has examples of some parent/child devices that use this pattern.

If you do need "freestanding" drivers (e.g., because you just have a rule or other app that needs truly full virtual devices to manipulate directly), then this approach will not work, as these drivers are not meant to be used on their own. Otherwise, this seems like a better idea to me.


Let me look at this...might be the solution...thanks.

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Thanks. This will work. A little extra effort since I am working with allowing non-virtual device DTH to mirror, so still need collect and act on both attributes and commands. This does give me some extra functionality such as allowing the 'refresh()' button to be mirrored.

Would be great if subscribeToCommand was supported.

Marking this as solved.

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