Virtual Device Question

I'd like to use a virtual device to store data from rule machine. Is there a way to create a device with how ever many lines and labels for data that I need?

Why a device?

And how are you intending to use the data?

End goal is to store the current state (on/off) of every light I have while keeping the rule adaptive. So when I add lights I don't have to edit the rule. I know I can get %device% and %value% but see no way to set a variable from a variable.

You should look at my app.

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Thanks, I will check it out now.

If that doesn't fit the bill, could you provide your full use-case? Is the intent to show a list in a dashboard tile, or use the variables for further rules, etc..

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For certain events I will have the lights flash and want to return them to their state when the flashing is done.

Oh...even easier is to use the "capture" and "restore" actions in RM. Capture the bulb/light/whatever, do you flash, then restore.

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And could you do that for a group as a whole? Say a group setup in RL? Providing the dynamic requirement?

The app didn't quite work how I needed. I will try the capture and restore. Editing the rule to change the capture for new lights wouldn't be too big a deal.

Tested capture and restore on the grand scale, some didn't return to state and some kept flashing. Seems fine for just a couple lights. I think I will just confine it all to a single rule with local variables not using capture and restore. Thanks for the advice.

This may (or may not) be useful for your use case....

Thanks, will take a look.

Have another question. Is it possible to change the state of a switch with a variable that is set on/off without going through the whole if then else thing?

Why are you trying to avoid the IF-THEN-ELSE structure, if that would be the most likely solution?

I would have to do it with about a dozen switches and adding more in the future. Even in RM 5.1 very long rules start to lag when editing. I know I can always use multiple rules, but I like to keep it clean. I'm able to set a variable of a switches state with a single line, it would be nice to set it with a single line.

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