Virtual button press to turn on light at sunset

I would like a virtual button to press that would turn on a light at sunset. I have everything set up and can trigger at a specific hour and minute time but I can't seem to figure out how to make it happen using sunset. Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Room Lighting app provides

You only want the light to come on at sunset if you press the button?

You plan on putting the button on a dashboard?

A RM rule would be pretty starlight forward but perhaps clarify exactly what you want to happen.

Should the rule turn on the light on the next sunset if you press it after sunset, turn it on if after sunset, or perhaps do nothing at all if after sunset. Also how will you press this virtual button.

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Yes, I only want the light to come on at sunset if I push the virtual button. It will be on the dashboard. Press the button between sunrise and sunset and then at sunset it turns a light on.

I'd just create the s/s rule as if it would run every day, but then use the button to do something like unpause the rule, change a private boolean, or something along those lines such that the rule is switched to "live" to run that day. Then reset the Boolean or re-pause the rule etc sometime after s/s so everything's ready for the next day.

This should do it

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