Virtual Button on dashboard not working

I have a virtual button device setup w/ 2 buttons.

when i “press the button” from the device page it logs that button 1 was pressed.

When I add it to the dashboard using the log shows an error under Hubitat Dashboard:

2018-04-10 22:25:03.307:errorCommand ‘on’ is not support by device.

Anyone else experiencing this? Am I missing something?

Are you using the button template or momentary template?

Originally using the button template; however, the result is the same w/ the momentary template as well.

Has anyone figured this out. I'm having the same problem.

I've been able to use buttons on my dashboard. What device driver are you using for the button device and what template are you using for the dashboard tile? Screenshots of these would also be useful.

it started working after i deleted it several times and re-did it. Same settings. Thanks.

That's good to hear. I have found that sometimes the settings for things like button tiles and attributes tiles can sometimes not stick when you close the create / edit dialog. Perhaps that happened in your case...