Virtual Button Not Working From Dashboard

This rules works fine everywhere except from the dashboard. The error only gets generated when I push the Dashboard Tile. Any help is appreciated


What does your Dashboard setup for this tile look like? Make sure that at the very least, you've:

  1. selected "Virtual Button" (your device) under "Pick A Device";
  2. chosen "Button" as the template under "Pick a template"; and
  3. typed "1" into the "Button Number" field under "Options"

If you've done all that, something might be wrong on the Dashboard side. You could try deleting and re-creating the tile; otherwise, I'm out of ideas. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I do appreciate the response but I did all of the above prior to posting.

Threw a test one on the dash and it worked fine.

Maybe start over with a new VBttuon device and see if it works?

You're sure you have the button number in your dashboard tile. Because the error says you don't since it has a "null" object. How many buttons do you have assigned to your virtual button device? You should be able to go to the button device, type the number 1 under push and then click push to test your rule. If it works from there, it's not the rule, it's the dashboard.

Yea, I think I'm gonna try deleting everything and start over, see if that fixes it.

Your virtual button device isn't selected in that screenshot. It would be highlighted if it was.

No device is selected.

Mine have always been so light you can barely see they are selected. But it is. All my devices do that. I assumed everyone else's did.

Definitely not.

Can you just try to select the device again, just for me. :slight_smile:

Yea I did, and then took the dashboard shot for ya to show the button. Is there a reason why mine have always been so hard to see when selected? Since day 1

Which browser are you using?


Android, PC, Linux or Mac? Typically Chrome is pretty well supported. Do you have any plugins or modifications that would be changing your CSS, theme, colors, etc?

No. Sorry, PC

So am I on both counts. And mine is just as bright on the device as it is on the template.

If it wasn't selected properly the button wouldn't show on dashboard right?

The button on the tile can be present but not connected to the button device. That's why it's important to select the template (the type of thing it is on the dashboard) and the device (what the dashboard tile connects to).

I just made one to try. The button would be displayed, but noting would be in the title.


Your button shows the title, so it should be connect to the device displayed.


But your device selection display issue is wacky @bobbyD ever seen device selection be so light?