Virtual button and virtual device

Im new to the hubitat. I do have many years in the SCADA world programming PLCs , OITs, and HMIs

In SCADA world , we can just add a button on a screen and link it to an internal tag and do whatever function and/or control needed.I assume the hubitat is powerful and can do the same

That being said, how do I add a button on the dashboard to toggle a virtual device I created?

And how do I see the virtual device status on the dashboard to know that it is toggling when I press the button on the dashboard

The virtualness of a device vanishes after the initial setup. In other words, you create a virtual thing, then assign it a driver, a virtual switch, for example... virtual dimmer driver, etc. At that point, the virtualness of the device is gone, for all practical purposes. Your device will appear in the lists of selectable devices based on the driver you picked.

So... select your virtual device in a dashboard and add the tile. The dashboard itself has no clue it's a virtual device. Poke it all you want and it will act based on whatever driver you picked.

The same goes for Rules/Automations. Your virtual device will be selectable and The automation has no clue it was created as a virtual.

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To add a device to a particular dashboard you first need to go to APPS>>HUBITAT DASHBOARD. Then click Choose Devices. Only pick what you will use on that dash. To not toggle all as that will slow the dash to a crawl while trying to render it.

Then in the dashboard layout itself, simply pick the device on the left and the template on the right.

And once you've done that and used the "Momentary" Template to display it and nothing happens when you press it...then what? Nothing as in a color change or an entry in the Event log for the virtual device.