Virtual Away Mode Switch

Hello All,

I am adding a virtual Away Mode switch to use from my phone and also use to view the current Mode status via my Sharp tools interface. For some reason when I turn this switch on and off the mode does not change although I added it withing the Mode Manager App. Any Ideas.


While I'm not sure this would actually cause the specific problem you mentioned (failure to change the mode at all?), you have Mode Manager configured to change to Away mode when you turn the switch on or off. (That would explain why your current mode is "Away" if that's the problem--any change in the switch will move you to "Away" mode.)

It's quite likely you meant to only choose the "on" option in your screenshot above, then use the "Return from away" options for when the switch turns off. There's a screenshot of this option in the docs, but you'll probably also see it in the app itself.

If you really did intend the above, maybe try un-selecting and re-selecting, hitting "Done" between the un-selecting and the re-selecting (i.e., needing to go back into the app). Otherwise, changing the options to how you really like them and then hitting "Done" might also do the trick.

Thank You