Vimar generic zigbee switch doesn’t work on Alexa

hi everyone, I'm new to Hubitat, I'm from SmartThings. I added my wireless vimar views with generic zigbee switch device handler and they work perfectly on Hubitat. I installed the Amazon echo skill on my c-7 hub and the Hubitat skill on the Alexa app. Alexa sees my devices, but they don't work! when I activate a switch the light turns on, but the status is not updated and I can no longer turn it off. the app says "there is a problem with this device". I noticed that even in the Hubitat Dashboard I have the exact same problem, and the tiles icon is a question mark ... does anyone have any suggestions on this?

Ps sorry for my bad english

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i solved the problem by changing DH to Generic zigbee Bulb, this way the device status is updated correctly and alexa and dashboard work fine. Could anyone tell me how to get the original code of "generic zigbee switch" and "generic zigbee bulb"? I would like to compare them and try to create a custom driver that works ..

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Hubitat drivers aren't open source. They do have some examples in their Github, and there are some Zigbee drivers as examples.