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Hello! Let me start by saying I'm an absolute noob at this, and this is pretty much the first thing I've done with either Hubitat or smarthome tech as a whole.

I've got a bunch of Sonoff SNZB-02s and I'm planning on dotting them around my house to monitor temp/humidity and later control radiators based on this data.

Right now I'm just trying to understand if there's a screen whereby I can see all the temperatures displayed at once. I thought you could add them to your dashboard but unless I'm doing something wrong this doesn't seem to be the case.

I've paired the devices no problem, and if I go Devices->(my living room temp device)-> it will show me the current states with the temp etc no problem. If I go to my dashboard and try to add a new tile, none of them appear in my device list.

Is it possible to see all the data at once somehow without individually checking each device from the Device menu?

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Yes, and you are correct - a dashboard is the simplest route to take. What happened when you tried to add them to a dashboard? (FYI the gauges are a tad more complicated.)

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Right, that's exactly what I thought I could do!

So right now, I can go to Devices->(choose a temp device) and I can see this on the page:

So I assume from there that I've definitely got it correctly connected and it's sending data.

When I go to my Dashboard and choose to add a tile, none of the temperature sensors are listed there; I just get this:

The floor lamp is the only other item I've currently got connected to Hubitat and that was addable in the way I expected. Any suggestions or have I totally misunderstood how this is meant to work?

Hmmm. I can't embed media here for some reason (maybe because I'm a new user). Let me see if I can get get screenshots to you in a different way...

Here's the device list I was talking about: pasteboard[dot]co/PsPEKOA7yjnP.png

Here's what I'm seeing when I try to add a new tile: pasteboard[dot]co/YUurtncV8n4h.png

(Sorry that's awkward, I'm also not allowed to include links apparently)

Also, in case it helps, I've just created a new dashboard (I only just realised you can have more than one) and when I go to add a tile I get the message "No devices authorised". Is there a step I've missed where I have to allow the data from the devices to be consumed by the dashboard?

Go to app and choose dashboard app.
Add your devices to the dashboard app at the required dashboard. and they will be available for you on the dashboard


@tentacle And resist the temptation to just add all devices. That creates issues down the road.

You may wish to create a tile - here is a Simple Multi Tile I use for a basic quick view:
And there is a 'Average Plus' - which will give you a running average:
Between the two of them I've been really happy.

One thing I recommend - don't trust the accuracy of a device. I have a 'high accuracy' standalone that I set near a device. Be at the same height from the floor etc... and compare. then go into your driver for each device and adjust it +/-. I had a few that were .3 degrees off...


This guy can be helpful...

And........if you would like to take it one step further, then, you can use Quick Chart app to track the history of the temp on your devices:

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Are those gauges included in the standard Hubitat dashboard tile selection, or does that require some sort of "add-in"?

Ah, that's exactly what I was missing - thank you very much!

This was a bit of a mission, but I now have Simple Multi Tile working and reporting everything... thanks!

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Hubigraphs... available via HPM.

This looks ace, I'll go and investigate - cheers!

Also does stuff like this. Very handy.

I am not at all mad about this:

Thank you to everyone here who realised how I was screwing this up and gave me some excellent suggestions so quickly!


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