View Alexa Zigbee Temperature Sensor in Hubitat

I purchased and linked a XUELILI Zigbee temperature & humidity sensor (XUELILI Smart Thermometer Hygrometer, ZigBee Wireless Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor Sensor Work with Alexa, Perfect for Home, Baby Room, Greenhouse, Basement, Pet Reptile Kennel

The app linked via QR code is the Tuya app. The sensor paired easily with the echo show and shows the temperature. I tried in Hubitat but could not find a driver to get temp or humidity when looking at the “device”. Has anyone successfully paired any of these sensors ($10 each on Amazon). I tried several of the stock Zigbee temperature drivers but none would return a reading for temp or humidity.

Is there a driver in Hubitat for this sensor or a way to view the values of the Alexa sensor in Hubitat?

Several reviews said they have it working with Hubitat, but all reported using different drivers.

You can try this driver.

First, manually change the driver,
Then pair the device again to HE. When pairing, a hyperlink “More Info” will appear. Click on it and please copy and paste here all the information from the pop up window.

Let me know if it works.

I had installed the Tuya driver via Package Manager. It seemed to recognize that it was a Tuya device. Here is the pairing info

I added the sensor to my dashboard, selected the sensor, chose “Temperature” and I’ve “unknown” for value. In the device app I see no temp values.

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The same device was successfully used with this driver by other users, so we will make it work.
It reports the temperature and humidity every 30 minutes, or after 5 minutes if there was a significant change. These reporting parameters are hardcoded and can not be configured.

Please turn the debug logs on and pair the sensor again, very close to the HE hub (at a distance of a maximum 1-2 meters). If it doesn't report T/H again copy and paste the debug logs here. You can use the forum editor cog gear tool to hide the multi-line logs in a summary section.

Thank you sir!! It took pairing closer than I had been trying. So using my third unit, in pairing then repairing did the trick.

I’m using these in cat cubes that are out side that I want to monitor and verify if heated beds are working. I have a colony of feral cats and knowing that the heated beds are working during the cold season gives me peace of mind and know if I have a dead heated bed.



I am glad it worked for you! : )

As you will be using these sensors outside, it will be interesting to know how the battery life will be for a longer period.

Yeah, I think that I’d be happy with 3 months during colder months being that these are AAA batteries and I can anticipate corrosion on the terminals. Just need to set an alert if the sensors temp is equal or less that outdoor temp.

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