Viessmann ViCare integration?

Hi all :wave:
Looking to take my first step into proper home monitoring and automation and looking at Hubitat or Home Assistant.
The initial monitoring I’d like to be able to do it pulling in data from my Viessmann boiler which connects to the internet. With HA I’ve seen that there is a Viessmann ViCare integration ready to use but can’t see anything similar or any mention to Viessmann at all in relation to Hubitat.

Does anything know of any Hubitat integration for Viessmann or have anything running with their Hubitat and Viessmann boiler?

I’d really like to go for the Hubitat but the boiler integration is the defining factor for me.

Thanks all

You can find a list of natively support devices, as well as a link to some of the community ones here:

Also note that there is a HA to HE integration that some use, in case you would like to use both together.