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Good Morning.
I have recently purchased 4 blink cameras ( 3 wireless outdoor cameras and a Blink Mini) and also picked up an Amazon Echo Show 5.

The intent is to mount the Show in the kitchen to be able to see the front door camera before answering the door. The integration between the camera and the echo show seems to work really well so if this isn't possible ( or relatively easy) then no issues but if possible i'd love to have the video displayed in a dashboard tile and perhaps just use the Echo Show as a permanent dashboard.

i know i've seen many examples with people displaying video in a dashboard..but uncertain if thats an HE dashboard...or if some 3rd party integration.

I recall when i 1st set up my hubitat i did some research on displaying the hard wired SWANN cameras i have but i seem to recall there is a certain protocol the camera system has to output and my SWANN system didnt have that. So if any one knows - really appreciate some thoughts on:

  • Can the video feed from the blink system be displayed on an HE dashboard?
  • If not HE Dashboard - but others...which one is the easiest to set up a permanent display.

thanks in advance.

If you want it in an image tile the video feed needs to be in mjpeg. If your camera only supports RTSP you will need to send it to another device to get an mjpeg stream such as TinyCam, BlueIris, MotionEyeOS, or Synology NAS.

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Blink cameras are less likely to work for this purpose using any dashboard solution, not just the built-in dashboard.

As @lewis.heidrick mentioned, the simplest way to do this is with an mjpeg stream from a camera. RTSP requires another step with a server in the middle that can transcode the camera feed to mjpeg.

Blink is on a whole other level of proprietary/locked down though. There is an HE community integration in development that you should keep an eye on, in case they make any breakthroughs.

But the bottom line is if you really want camera feeds on a dashboard, Blink is unlikely to be much of a solution for that.

Appreciate the replies.
As I noted, having it on the dashboard is a nice to have vs a need to have. i was looking for a simple interface to have my video displayed easily so for now...will just use the Show as a camera display.

Will keep an eye out for future developments though

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