Video Doorbell

Hi everyone,

New here, with clearly lots to learn. I've been exploring the site looking for a video Doorbell device that will be compatible with my Hubitat. Is there a System like Ring or Nest that will integrate?

We use the Unifi G4 Doorbell. It requires I Unifi Protect system though.

There’s a few options for integrating a Ring doorbell with Hubitat.

If you use Amazon Alexa, it can be done with Alexa routines:

There’s also an integration developed by the community that can integrate with ring devices and has more features, but it’s a little more complex to setup.

I’m a fan of Unifi gear in general, but I wouldn’t suggest using their doorbell unless you’re going all in with a Unifi protect camera system.

What kind of functionality are you hoping for when you say 'compatible?'

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