Video doorbell compatibility?

Thinking about upgrading my doorbell. Currently have standard wired doorbell with a pushbutton outside and a module inside with two metal bars and a plunger that hits them to make the "ding-dong" sound. I have an acceleration sensor mounted to the indoor module so I can get notifications when someone rings the doorbell. That all works fairly well.

What I'd like to have is a video doorbell that does the following:

  1. Send a notification with a video still so I can see who is ringing.

  2. Display a live feed from the doorbell on a Hubitat dashboard page (does HE dashboard even support this?)

  3. Hard wire to doorbell circuit for power. Current circuit is 24v but I could swap out the transformer for something different if necessary.

Is there anything out there that does all 3 of these?

It doesn't really satisfy your requirements but I think the best option at the moment is a Google Home Hub in conjunction with a Nest Hello Doorbell. $5/month stinks for clips but I guess it's not the worst.

I wonder if they can automatically play on a Chromecast as well as the Home Hub? That would make me buy a Chromecast as well.

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I thought of install a ezviz lookout door bell (it replaces your door eye).
However the fact that I haven't found a coder willing to integrate this with hubitat or ST has put me off. The cameras are great and the app is great too.

I have 2 ezviz camera and I love them.... but as you not sure what route to go next

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I use a Skybell HD. I integrated it w/HE using IFTTT.

I get notifications from the Skybell app. It doesn't include a still, but the app opens and shows me video in a second or two, so that's ok for me.

I don't think ANY doorbell can show video on the Hubitat dashboard. Correct me if wrong... Many can do it on SharpTools though.


I tried to get video working on the Hubitat Dashboard with an older driver I found here on the forum and the darn thing totally locked up my hub. Had to take it out. The dev said that changes to the way the dashboard was built made it non-functional. So, I don't think there's any way to display on your HE dashboard.

Whatever you end up trying to use, if you are going to want to display it outside of the doorbell's own app or an integration that the manufacturer supports (for example, NEST and Google Home Hub), make sure you look for one that has an RSTP or MPEG stream. You can also look for one that integrates with Tiny Cam Pro (if you're an android user). That app for android supports several cam models that do not have exposed RSTP streams but can still create an MPEG stream that can be used from a website or Sharptools dashboard.

One of the things that has made me hesitant on pulling the pin on a video doorbell is that my requirements are similar to yours. I don't want to be tied to the device's app as the only method to view the camera. But I haven't found one that allows for that.

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Thanks all. It's sounding like there's not anything out there that checks all the boxes right now. I'll hold off until either something comes around or I have a more urgent need for this. Currently get doorbell push notifications as-is, and I do have a separate camera system that I can use to see the front door, just takes some manual work to get there. Come to think of it, I can use Tasker to read the notification and launch my Lorex cloud app when the doorbell rings. That might work for now...

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Wait for the Wyze doorbell....


This is a good comparison:

The first is the only one with RTSP. You can avoid the storage fees with a couple of these.

I am also looking for a good video doorbell, but my desires of operation are a little different.

  1. I need it to also view down to the stoop to see packages also. Who needs a view
    from the shoulders uo.
  2. I dont need it on the dashboard, i could be happy using their app if it would also
    work with Hubitat. It would be advantageous to be able to unlock the door from
    their app without having to open the hubitat app to do that.
  3. Would be great if you could view the camera from alexa device with screen.

If anyone knows of a camera doorbell that has these capabilities, please make me aware. Thanks.