Victor Smart Kill Mousetrap Integration

Anyone know if there is a. Driver available to HE?
It connects to the Victor App via WiFi but was hoping to have an alert to Echo Speaks or via Amazon Echos.

Why not consider getting a zwave mousetrap instead?

Dome Home Automation Z-Wave Smart Electronic Rat, Rodent & Mouse Trap, Black (DMMZ1)


@aaiyar: Interesting... but despite their site saying the Dome costs $39, the Amazon listing has none and the "New" alternative ones are $70+. I did find what appears to be a WiFi "knockoff" version of it on NewEgg...

@leo_charles: I checked around but was not able to find what actually runs it (Tuya or something Victor wrote up themselves). Their site does not say much about how the wifi actually works and I did not find any teardowns. MouseTrap Monday (on YouTube) generally seemed to think it was a decent trap and fairly safe (for humans at least) and when they opened it up it looks like a pretty generic ESP-type of wifi chip. Not sure I would personally want Alexa announcing it caught a mouse, especially since that would likely be once people had gone to bed.
You could always email Victor and ask about it. Maybe the WiFi chip has a simple status webpage that could be polled for it's status (even little ones like that can EASILY run a simple webserver).

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Bummer, they had them (Dome Mouser) on sale back in February for $25 on Amazon. Looks like the Smartest Home doesn't have them now either.

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Another one of those devices where a 700-series chipset (with it's reduced power) would come in handy. An outdoor version may not hurt either (since I saw moles listed as one of the critters).

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I bought this almost 4 years ago when I hadn’t even heard about HE and used Wink 2.

I currently have a “Lifetime Shed” at a far end of my property in which the critters were rummaging through bags of clothing I put out there while renovating. This is also a nasty year for ticks in the NE and they’re a primary vector so this would be a 2 for 1.

Interesting. I’ll have to check to see if anything pulls up from the IP address but I’m doubtful. I’ll even have to write the company. I’m surprised they didn’t even have a basic Alexa Skill for their product(s.)

Checked the IP address and nothing…

Most of these cases they do not bother with any simple webserver, or if they have one they obfuscate it by giving it an unusual port # or some such.

Because I am apparently always up for some punishment... If you get a response from them and they are somewhat interested in having an integration, I would be willing to work on a driver for it (if you do not want to do it yourself).

Some companies have SEEMED interested in a simple integration, especially when I say it is possible with just a simple JSON, XML, or even HTML (if really needed) status page that a driver could poll regularly. With that, their device's status can get incorporated into home automation very easily (at least from a read-only perspective). But in MOST cases it leads to silence and I do not hear anything more from them after that...

The proliferation of cheap WiFi devices has led to some interesting things but I think more companies need to get out of the cloud-only perspective and allow their users to also have the data/control on their own network.

Thanks that would be awesome. I’ll reach out to them and see if they respond. Unfortunately my expertise in coding ends at CSS, HTML, and JavaScript these days as I’m mostly a 3D modeler and illustrator.

Sent them a letter. Will just have to wait and see.

Ha! So now I know who to contact for those things.

My 3D image ability basically ends at POV-Ray and 3D objects for printing is OpenSCAD.

Lol Ive been working 3d for about 20 years. ;D but yeah feel free to reach out to me for things if I have spare time I don’t mind pitching in a hand.

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