Vibration Sensor With Sensitivity Adjustment

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a vibration sensor that you can adjust the sensitivity on?


What are you trying to detect the vibration of?

Door knocks.

That's a tough one because you wouldn't want it to trip when the door is opened or closed. There's always Knocki. I've not used one personally but they are supposed to work great. Others have had success using a ST multi-sensor for that function. The nice part with that is that it is a contact and vibration in one.

I have the old ST multi sensor. It doesn't have the sensitivity adjustment but I have a rule for door knock to only notify me if there's vibration and the contact is still closed.

Yes I use that also, but it is hit and miss and just needs to be a bit more sensitive.

I wonder if it is possible to have a google home speaker listen for a knock sound and alert :slight_smile:

It is not that I am aware of since you have to use the wake word to get Google Home to do anything.

There are many posts on this topic on the ST forum and one of the regulars there sums it up pretty well.

You will find it this is a pretty unreliable activity for most people. Itโ€™s generally done with a vibration sensor, typically an accelerometer, so the SmartThings multisensor is what most people use. The problem is there are just so many things that can cause vibration. A truck driving by, a dog jumping up on the door, A heavy wind, lots of stuff. And it depends on the material of the door and the way it sits in the frame. And whether you typically leave it unlocked during the day. So you can certainly try it, but itโ€™s way less reliable typically than, say, just an open/close sensor. I would say for the last two years most people use a video doorbell for this purpose instead. Its motion sensor will pick up the person approaching the door whether they ring the bell or not.

So, I'm not sure you're going to be able to find something. Most people use video now since it is much more reliable and less error prone.

I have and do use the HS-LS100+ from Homeseer. It is described as a leak sensor but it also has an acceleration/shock sensor built into it. I had it sitting on my dryer and it easily sensed the vibration of it in the on and off state. No sensitivity adjustment but it seemed more than sensitive enough to me.

Yes, I have IP cameras and a Ring doorbell also, but I still have people knock and my house is so large that I will not hear it unless I am on that floor. I also have on my list too use motion triggers via those cameras, but not had time too see if they can be leveraged within Hubitat yet.


How about find a way to mount the sensor and make it more sensitive?

Because it is a contact sensor, there is only a few feet of placement space to utilize before it is too low on the door.

@Quantumchaos I saw this device and noticed in the details that it has a sensitivity adjustment. Not sure if anyone has one or if they do if they have tested it for this purpose. Or if HE has sensitivity adjustment available in the driver.

This isn't on the supported devices list so unless there is a community driver, I can't say for certain that it would work. If there is a ST DTH it could be ported but otherwise you might have to write one from scratch.

I wonder if there is another brand out there that does the same thing. Sometimes there are multiple devices available just branded differently.

The first thing I did was search the compatible devices list for "vibration" and there was nothing. It's possible that it reports the same as a contact or motion sensor...I don't know enough about z-wave to know without looking at the driver itself.

Yea, I don't know much about the shock/vibration/acceleration devices either. I know there used to be one from Vision but it shows as not available.

They used to be popular for detecting glass breaks but now with the wider availability of good motion sensors they've fallen out of favor. They're so susceptible to false alarms. Too much base in a car stereo driving by will set them off.

I agree, the rule I have here is tight but the sensor is hit and miss at best, mostly miss :slight_smile:

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Which from what I've read is the typical case, unfortunately.