Vesternet Questions

Whats happening with Vesternets customers.... they seems not got them from you yet....??

I got email from Vesternet yesterday more or less saying "sorry to keep you waiting they're not in stock"

I don't think they have received them yet, so they won't know when they can send them out. They were meant to get them at the end of last week but until at least yesterday were saying they had not.

I emailed them yesterday and they said "We will ship it tomorrow latest as stock has just arrived and only waiting for warehouse to book it in". No dispatch notice yet but it is showing as in stock on their website now.

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Mine has been shipped :ok_hand:. Hopefully getting it tomorrow.


Ok , mine's in the post too - email came last thing. 48hr delivery from Royal Mail so it might be tomorrow but maybe next day


Although I'm happy that I've had confirmation that mine has been shipped, my first vesternet experience has been pretty poor.

Initially reported as being in stock, I bought it, paid next day delivery...only to find that they only work Mon to Fri (I ordered Friday pm). Chased up Monday because there was still no movement. Q several emails firstly apologising for the 'error' because it wasn't in stock, then saving it would be with me on Tuesday, then saying it could be a few deliveries away, finally telling me it'd probably be here tomorrow.

I was a bit pushy. But I always stock check before ordering.


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Yes but if you looking for something and you can buy it from a few places you judge it on A price and B when can I get it. So if it says it's in stock and you can get next day and your paying for it, it should be. Otherwise you may have paid abit less to get it in a few days, which at the end of the day is how long it took with all the extra hassle.

If I knew it was going to be such a pain, I would have just ordered it direct and sorted out the import duties. At least it would have been released and probably here by now!

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Except in the case of Hubitat hubs sometimes they're a bit hard to get hold of in the UK and the chance to pre-order was quite welcome to me. I've been trying to get one for months.

My two have arrived! :drooling_face::beers::champagne::+1: