Very slow response on a few devices

for some reasons, my garage doors provide very slow response. I have webcore code that checks for change in garage doors and triggers voicemonkey. It is delays by perhaps some polling time as it occurs several minutes later and in order of operation. Thus, if the door is open and then closed. I will hear an alert of it opening and then closing but maybe 10 or 15 minutes delayed.

I also have driveway triggers that occur immediately.

Any ideas as to where I should look?


Sounds like those who can likely help will be helped with some logs.... :slight_smile:

But before we get to those... A couple of things likely covered by the Wiki for requesting support....

What hardware revision and platform version are your running? E.g. C-7 on 2,3,8,XXX...

What protocol and driver are you using...? E.g. Zigbee using a Samsung XXX driver,,,,

What automation have you setup? E.g. an RM rule.... etc?

More generally...

Some Events logs from the "Events tab" on the Device Details page can help to set the scene for the sequence of events as they happened....

Then screenshots of any definitions and logs for any automations would also be useful...

More requests may follow.... :slight_smile:


Log from my alarm sensor for the Garage door:

Log from the garage door that should match closely but is 23 -30 minutes delayed:

I don't think I need to even bring the automation into the mix as the logs show the delay. Looks like the messages are 20min apart.

thanks for suggestions.

The In Use By section for Device 136 may be useful....

Polling looks to be continuing:

Remember that the more complex your signal chain, the greater the latency in the signal chain. You are using dZ-wave (which is slower than Zigbee), you are using Hubitat, you are using webcore, you are using Alexa which works over a Internet connection with Alexa servers, and you are working with Voicemonkey which is an Alexa skill, also requiring server processing time.

If you want to speed thing up, simplify your signal chains.

Which Z-wave sensors are you using. I use Ecolink Z-wave tilt sensors on my garage doors. I have them mounted on the top panel so they respond more quickly than they would on lower panels. The sensor sends a signal to the Hubitat. Hubitat then sends a signal to an Ecolink Chime Siren that has a custom announcement that says "The garage door has been opened, the garage door has been opened". Since the signal chain involves only the sensor, the Hubitat and the chime, the announcement occurs almost immediately.

Anytime you add Alexa to the signal stream, you will add delay.

@rwclements228 we can ignore webcore and alexa at this time. The logs convey the issue I think. Maybe its the driver? btw, I have other devices that trigger voicemonkey with no issue.

That high route change number is interesting in the z-wave table. Can you post your full z-wave details?

What are the actual devices? The 2GIG ones?

I presume these logs were from opening/closing the door manually. If so, what do they look like if you open/close from the device page in HE?

I tried to operate with HM and now I see:


When was the last time you changed the batteries in the contact sensors for the door? I've had them get weird when they die.

interesting ...
I opened the garage via HM and have the same results: the door


I will probably see a status update in sometime less than 20 minutes

I think I'll change the battery now (please have a battery .. please have a battery ...)