Very new to Hubitat. As in, VERY new. Questions about dashboards

Hello everyone,

I am a new new NEW user to hubitat. That means that I basically connected the device 30 minutes ago and am now fiddling around with the thing. So far I managed to install the app, set my geofencing, add a Xiaomi Aqara doorsensor, and created a simple rule that notifies me on my phone when the door sensor is opened.

So far, so good. Now, I have created a (very simple) dashboard, and this is where my question comes in; I saved the dashboard, I can see it on my PC, and I see the status changing when I open the sensor.

However, I am not able to see that dashboard in the mobile app. It exists, but I don't see it. The phone is connected to wifi, I can access the dashboard when I go to Tools - Connect to hub - Dashboards, but I do NOT see it in 'Dashboard' in the mobile app.

It just gives me a blank screen. How can I fix this?

Also, I realized after I bought it, that I can not access the hubitat remotely, unless I pay 36 dollars a year. That kinda sucks, but, if that's the only way, than that's the only way.

I'm not smart enough to help with primary issue, but "away from home" (for lack of a better term) dashboard access via the app (once you get it working) does not require a Remote Access subscription

A second question (I could not find the button to edit my original post);

I am not completely new to home automation. I have an Athom Homey at the moment, which I will not be using anymore as soon as I have set this up a little better. My question is the following;

When I leave home AND there is no one else home, I want to set the status to Away. Now, I do realise that I can add something to that rule, which sends me a notification that 'status is set to away'.

However, that is just a notification, and is NOT dependent on the actual set status of Hubitat. So basically what I want to do is

WHEN status is set to AWAY
THEN send notification.

Is it possible to use that status as a trigger for a rule?

Wait what? So you are telling me that I can be away from home, NOT connected to my local network at home, and STILL be able to turn on/off lights, for instance? I do NOT need a subscription for that???


Correct - out-of-home-network (i.e. cellular) access is free via the app using Dashboards. The Remote Access subscription is for accessing everything (i.e. making rules, adding devices, etc) - that feature is mainly useful for folks who manage either multiple properties or manage setups on behalf of someone else.

The (free) dashboard access works fine fine for most of us (incl me)


Oh, I see! Okay, thanks for that information :slight_smile: I do not have multiple properties or whatever.

So, all that remains is the hope that somebody will be able to help me configuring the dashboard(s) so that I will be able to have a customized dashboard VISIBLE on my phone. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

New dashboards created in HE (via the browser interface) are automatically available in the phone app with no additional intervention. You must be logged into your HE account (the one you created to set up the hub initially) in the app.

Yes, use the trigger event "Mode".

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I don't think that will be a problem for you, once you see it and start setting one up you will see it's pretty easy. The HE native dashboards are pretty rudimentary, but personally that is what I prefer.

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Well, that kind of worries me, because I HAVE setup a dashboard via the browser interface, but I do NOT see it on my mobile device under 'Dashboards', as explained in the Opening Post.

I DO see it if I go to settings....etc in the mobile app, so I know it is there, it just does not show up under 'Dashboards'....

are you logged in on the app ?

Yes, I am.

Not sure why they wouldn't be working, but you could try a couple of increasingly aggressive troubleshooting steps, like signing out of and back into the mobile app, uninstalling/erasing all its settings and reinstalling/starting over--just to see if any of that helps.

If nothing else, like pretty much everything with Hubitat, you don't really need the app for this, either (though it does make acces a bit easier). Dashboards are just webpages, and in each "child" Dashboard app (Apps > Hubitat Dashboard, then the specific one you want), you'll see links for LAN and cloud access. For away-from-home control, I'd use the cloud link; you can bookmark that or "pin" it to your mobile device's home screen so it almsot looks like an app--what some people still do and a lot of people did who wanted this before the app existed.

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Just copy a WAN link to the Dashboard from the Dashboard page (near the bottom), use that link as a shortcut to the dashboard from your mobile browser when away. I bookmark both a LAN link and a WAN link. The WAN link will switch to the LAN address if your mobile device is connected to your LAN, but it takes a few seconds.

@JustARandomUsername Android or iPhone?

I tried this. If I copy the cloud link, and tried to access this on my phone when NOT connected to my WIFI.

This works. I can see the dashboard. I still don't like the fact that I do'nt see it in the app (why else would one have an app?) and I don't have any other devices that I can test so I can not check if I can change something (like a light on or off), but at least now I know that I CAN reach the dashboard, which is nice to know.

Sorry, I don’t use the app, and only rarely use the Dashboard.

I have an Android device. My wife has an iPhone, but I will not be bothering her with this unless I have everything completely set up and ready. I am also changing my network in a couple of weeks, so I will be changing a lot in the near future, but I was curious and connected the Hubitat just to tinker with it :slight_smile:

Check this setting. Apps, Hubitat Dashboards, select which dashboard you want to work with.

In that dashboard settings section at the bottom, open "Advanced".

I had already set those settings. But the problem is still there. NOT when just opening the cloud link in the browser on my mobile device. THAT works.

However, I do not see that dashboard in the 'dashboard' tab in the Hubitat Mobile App.

So you're saying that if you click here on the mobile app:

You don't get a list of dashboards like:

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