Very Fast Battery Drain on Fibaro contact sensor

I am new to the Hubitat and have recently added only 1 Fibaro contact sensor device to my hubv as well as my mobile phone.

I have set up the contact sensor to report its temperature every 6 hours and also if it is open/closed but the battery seems to drain completely in only 3 days, and although i have set up a rule to tell me when the battery reaches 25%, that never gets sent.

Can anyone suggest what may be causing this and how I fix it?

I've had 3 of them and I replaced them for Coolcam sensors after buying 9 expensive batteries in 7 months.
Alas the Coolcams don't tell the temperature, but I solved that by placing a Xiaomi temp/hum sensor next to it.
That saves me a fortune on batteries because the Coolcam and Xiaomi sensors run on batteries for 1 to 2 years.

My first guess would be that the devices are defective, or having trouble connecting to the mesh - I would try setting one up close to the hub to see if it works better.

It could also be a problem if they are paired with S0 security. This can drain the battery faster and will cause Z-Wave mesh slow downs.

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I had quite a lot of problems with Fibaro sensors battery drain not only on HE butnalso with Homey and Fibaro controller itself. As mentioned above, I replaced them with Aqara sensors and so far so good. Already 1,5 year and no need to change battery so far.

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