Vera User - Migrating - Scene Controller Options

I am currently investigating options to replace my Vera Plus (I have two, operating in two different homes). The Habitat is working its way to the top of my list, so I'm now down into the nitty-gritty of researching device support.

I currently have several Leviton 4-button Scene Controllers. They work fine with Vera, and it seems they are natively supported by Habitat. However, they are no longer manufactured (and they can be finicky, especially with exclusion/inclusion), so I'm thinking it would be a good idea, when I switch to a new HA hub, that I also switch out those Leviton scene controllers for something newer.

I am aware of the Zooz Zen32. As others on the forum have shared, it's a solid device and offered at a great price, considering how expensive those Levitons were. However, I'm not thrilled with the form factor. I like the wide button layout of the Levitons - it makes labeling easier. The big button + four small ones on the Zen32 really limit my labeling options.

My question...what other scene controllers have this community tried out with successful results? I really like the Eaton 5-button scene controllers - I previously used a couple of those with my Vera and was very happy with them. They are still manufactured, but don't seem to be supported by Hubitat. Has anyone used those? Are there any other proper j-box mounted scene controllers out there that work well with Hubitat?

Thanks in advance for any input/guidance.

There are also Lutron, and Inovelli.

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@rlithgow1 - thank you. I am aware of Inovelli, but when I look at their online store, I do not see a scene controller, only dimmers/switches and a few other components. As for Lutron, I am assuming you are referring to the Caseta Pico controls? I am aware of those, but that would require introducing another ecosystem into my HA network (and require another hub), which I was hoping to avoid. I'd prefer to stick with Z-wave for all my lighting control, given all my other switches/dimmers/receptables in both homes are Leviton Z-wave.

How about the Aeotec wall motes? They're surface mount though...

@brad5 - thanks, yes, I'm aware of those. In addition to being a home automation enthusiast, I am also an interior designer, so any HA components I install need to look fully integrated with the rest of my electrical switches. I do not like battery operated remotes lying around on tables or stuck to walls.

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I bought a used RA2 main repeater on eBay for a couple hundred bucks a while back. The nice thing is that it is compatible with the SeeTouch keypads.

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