Vera and HE

Is it possible to run HE with Vera at the same time? I am not able to move over my alarm from Vera, and wanted to see if they can co-exist.

There's no reason they can't coexist--there shouldn't be any problem with two separate Z-Wave networks in the same home, for example. The question is whether you want to integrate devices between the two. Z-Wave and ZigBee devices can only be paired to one "hub" at a time, so you'll have to pick one. (OK, actually Z-Wave actually allows for secondary controllers, but Hubitat does officially support working as one, and I'm not sure if Vera does either or if it would still work for your situation.)

If you don't care about integration and they'd be separate systems, no problem. If you do, there's no official solution, so you'll have to figure out something. If Vera can "talk" to an MQTT broker, for example, you can use a community-created MQTT app on Hubitat with a node.js app running on a server of your choice (really any computer that would always be on, with a Pi being a popular choice) to act as an intermediary, and an MQTT broker (another "regular" software application) running on the same or similar--then, of course, something on the Vera side. Hubitat can also communicate with IFTTT, so if you don't mind needing to go through the Internet, that might be another option.

Someone who's used Vera for longer than me (a couple weeks before I gave up and moved on to Home Assistant and then Hubitat) might have better ideas. :slight_smile:

I have my Vera with two HEMs still going until there's power tracking on HE. Will be decommed once I pull the trigger on the IOTAWatt.