Ver simple automation.. delays after update

So far not so good..
Routes seem ok.. I did a few node level repairs for strange routes.
But all motion and contact automations are working about 20-30 secs. delayed

Turning on or off lights from the device panel is not delayed. No errors in logs.

Shutdown and turned off power and rebooting so see if that makes a diffeence or i may have to roll back..

On the plus side all legacy dashboard links are working.

still not working after shutdown..
look at following log output.

i manually turned on deck lights from the switch and then off. as you can see it was pretty instant.

the i opened slider which was supposed to turn on deck lights.. you can see it thinks it did but from the timestamp they really did not go on until 8 secs later..

any ideas.

working better now.. maybe just takes some time for things to stabalize after firmware update.. weird.. not like that on reboots on past firmware.. things worked well immediately

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Mine was sluggish after install but slowly stabilising.


was sluggish again.. only one automation though. did some more node level repairs. may swap out that one switch