Velux KLF200

We have some Velux skylights (with blinds) that can be opened/closed via a remote. They seem to offer a bridge of sorts (the KLF 200) and as far as I can tell, it'd require some zwave or zigbee relays to utilize. Seems like they also have an API which I think would be preferable but would definitely require more coding.
Curious if anyone has tried this or has any pointers to controlling Velux skylights?

edited to add API note


Google Home can control these but in my case we mostly have Amazon Echos which do not have a Velux skill (which incidentally Velux marketed as being in the works over a year ago but I think we will never see.) I don’t know if the switches are IR or RF, but I have a used Bond Hub arriving today that I’ll set up and see if I can get to work with HE and also to the Echos via Echo Speaks.

I was hoping someone smarter than myself would take interest in trying to get something working via drivers, but it’s been silence so far. I had reached out to Netatmo and the told me to ask Velux. I asked Velux and they told me to write Netatmo...

I’ve now got this KLF50 and it works well. It’s input is basically a two way switch of some sort. Common return and two wires, one for open one for close.
So I connected a fibaro double switch.
When you load the driver you get On1 and Off1, On2 and Off2.
I want to configure these so so they work as a toggle, either On1 on/Off2 off or On2 on/Off1 off.
I thought that’s be easy in Rule Machine but can’t get my head round it. Can anyone advise?

Bond FYI doesn’t transmit 2.4 ghz channels so no luck there..

As for the KLF 50, I’m glad you have that working. Unfortunately I have 4 skylights so I can’t help you with that one.