Vector Robot Integration

Does anyone have one of these Vector Robots?

I got one super cheap when the previous company, Anker, was going bankrupt. The robots were bought by Digital Dream Labs and given a new life. DDL has released an API for the robot as well.

My kids love the little guy but I'm thinking it would be fun if you could have him integrated into Hubitat and announce certain things in his little robot voice,

Might be a fun project for someone to figure out if they have one.

Side note: he also has Alexa built in so you can talk to him and have things in Hubitat happen. Would be fun to be able to reverse the communication and have him announce things.

I've had one since 2018. He just kinda sits on a table and does his thing some times. We don't interact with him much any more, but it would be cool if he could be programmed to welcome me home! :slight_smile:

I have one sitting in a cupboard with other things I don't use anymore. Maybe if there was an integration into hubitat, that would be an incentive to revive it.

It's weird tho, I really think he's the most useless thing I've ever bought, but yet I can't throw him away without feeling guilty lol