Has anyone that was at this year's CES seen Vayyer's demo? I'm blown away by this tech and it seems like a game changer for the SmartHome market. I know the guys are trying to get their hands on the chip......but is there anything concrete in the works???


For those of us that did not attend CES, what was the concept shown by Vayyer's demo?

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Vayyer has been around for a bit but it seems like they're close to being ready for a launch or their 4D chip. The problem is they don't know which area of the tech field to work in first. Seems like they're going in the medical/Home health aid and auto markets first.


Seems like their marketing department is working better than their business development and sales. When?!?!


I think they're taking their time. They have a unique product and it has a wide market. The president just mentioned them yesterday. They're using these chips to monitor COVID patients breathing while in the ICU. European auto manufactures will be using their tech as it will be required for car manufactures in the coming years. But yea.... I want it now!!!!

Yeah, having a presence sensor that can do those things (identify location in a room, vertical, horizontal/bed, etc) would be so, so useful. As long as it doesnt get dropped off the mesh :rofl: and one of the smart guys on here can build a nice driver! :crazy_face:.

Oh, and its not more than 100 bucks! :sunglasses:

We met with them at CES this year.
Supposedly they are sending us an eval unit, we shall see.
It is a Wi-Fi device, it's very capable, and it's unlikely it will be less than a hundred bucks, less than 200 yes, but not 100.


200 bucks might be reasonable if it can deliver what they say it can. I'm assuming you would need one device per floor of a property at least tho'. I'm wondering how you'd set it up. Storing 'scenes' by posing in various positions that would then be recognised again in the future sounds possible I guess.

Seems to me like it would be 1 device per room, it doesn't seem like it can see through walls...

That said, $200 although is a bit expensive for home automation is still reachable at least for the main rooms in your house...

Really cool tech!

as long as it can manage the heater and tv and lights when I fall asleep in the armchair I'll only need one..........


Vayyer mentioned that they were looking to market this as a stand alone device for under $100 They are already selling their v3 device online. Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor | Develop Programmable RF Sensor But we'll see.... I'm hoping around $150 which would make sense

Was looking at this today. Seems to have some useful capabilities.

Would be a cool multi-sensor unit; somebody just needs to put the (non-visual) sensor interpretation processing, HA interface, and ZigBee radio onboard? Haven't really delved in enough to understand what it already has onboard.