Vaillant vSmart boiler thermostat

Hi All, I am totally new to Hubitat, and wonder if it is possible to control my Vaillant boiler Eco 835 / Vaillant vSmart thermostat using Hubitat routines/apps.

The vSmart thermostat is linked to the Alexa vSmart skill but there is no way to turn the boiler on if a Smart Radiator Valve (SRV) calls for heat. Can it be done in Hubitat?

It's unlikely. That system doesn't appear to "play nice" with others. It looks like the only way to turn it off or on is actually a physical [switches] on the boiler. Is that accurate?

Sorry, I have no idea what "physical Seychelles on the boiler" means.

Autocorrect got me! Was supposed to be switches. Original post corrected.

Technically, anything you can do with the manufacturers app is "possible" to bring into Hubitat, but it requires the manufacturer to release the details of their platform and someone smart to program the Hubitat app. Generally difficult to achieve unless there is a large enough user-base to justify the effort.