Vacuum Robots

I'm not a programmer by trade, but one thing I'm noticing is that there are many cloud integrations being built for multi-device services, ex. Tuya, Shark, iRobot. One thing absent from this are generic component drivers that these integrations can use to control vacuum robots. Most of the bots use a similar set of commands and the onus should be hubitat to a least build a generic driver or at least give out a template for coding one that users could customize to their own device.


I do not work for HE nor do I claim to speak for them, but their typical approach to cloud-primary smart devices (like wifi devices) is to only consider an integration if a usable public API is available since Hubitat cannot connect directly to any wifi devices.

Any robot-vac integrations available now for HE are community developed, so you can try using one of those, or you are welcome to develop your own, or if a desired integration exists with Home Assistant, you can bridge it in from there.


Or if a desired integration exists with Alexa, you can bridge it in from there. That's what I do. I have virtual contacts for the several common tasks. When we are away, both vacs start making their rounds.

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Unfortunately many "Off-Brand" models that work through Tuya are not recognized by Alexa or Google Home. Otherwise I would say "to hell" with integration. The Tuya cloud integration works, but the developer in question only augmented the driver set for his personal use, so there are no child device drivers available the bots. The heavy lifting of integration is already there and I can see the device functions, but no dice on a supporting driver. Instead a "Generic Component Switch" is assigned which does virtually nothing to control it. See below.