Vacation Mode

Hi so i have this rule, its kinda crazy but works ok

it basically dims outside lights when we turn off some lights lowering the light sensor...

but now i am going on vacations and i want it to be ignored and turn off or on either at sunrise or sunset like it always does.

You want to disable the entire rule “night dim lights”?

If so, here’s how to disable an app.

Do you use the built-in "Away" mode? If so, that should already prevent your first rule from running.

I guess I am not exactly sure what you are wanting to do, but there are vacation lighting apps that can randomly turn things on and off while you are away.

Or you could set up a separate rule to do this while you are away. A scene would be very easy to setup and capture, and then use that Scene Device in a Basic Rule or Simple Rule.

Since you are working on a vacation mode one thing I always recommend is controlling switches in the bathroom. You can make the rest of the house blink like a Christmas tree but if the bathroom lights never come on it is clear nobody is home.

Wow great point. I have a solution that uses a pseudo-random algorithm. It appears without warning or predictable pattern in various parts of the house and sets off motion detectors. It is also capable of generating small noises but not in response to any predictable event.

I call it "the cat."


no, but how will it do it?

yeah i actually use the alexa guard option which the inside lights turns them on or off at different times of the day and yep there are on the bathroom also

ive seen that on the alexa guard plus option. i just have regular, doesnt make any sound which i believe makes like a barking sound on the different devices

If you look at the first rule, you have MODE as a condition for both the IF and ELSE-IF. Since AWAY is not one of the modes that satisfy the condition, the rule won’t run.

I use the Mode Manager built-in app, along with our phones as geo-presence sensors (using Life360), to handle all Mode changes. When everyone is out of the house, the mode changes to Away and stays in Away mode until someone returns home. When someone arrives home, Mode Manager automatically sets the correct mode based on time of day.

oh ok i see what you say. but still also has the iluminance trigger

Sure, the triggers will still fire, but the actions will not run due to the conditions. No actions = no changes to devices.

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