Vacation Lighting Director (VLD): multiple instances?

Is there a way to have multiple instances of VLD, with different time restrictions and sets of devices being controlled? I'm running v 1.0.1, installed through HPM, and that doesn't seem to be possible.

May have to manually create the 2nd instance. If you open application source under the Apps Code tab and copy it to the clipboard, and then open a new app code editor session and paste the code into it, go to the top of the code and search for something that looks like:

definition (
	name: 			"My Application", 
	namespace: 		"thebearmay", 
	author: 		"Jean P. May, Jr.",
	description: 	"Application Description",
	category: 		"Utility",
	importUrl: "",
	oauth: 			false,
    iconUrl:        "",
    iconX2Url:      ""

Change the name field to something different ((i.e. VLD-Instance 2) and save. Go to the Applications tab and Add User Application and select your new instance.

OK, that's what I suspected.

As a request for enhancement, please consider extending VLD to allow multiple instances, or groups of devices with distinct rules per-group.

Example use case:

Group light switches by zone (exterior, living room + dining room, second floor, bedrooms, all lights), and have different rules for each zone, such as:

  • zone "all": 5pm-9pm., 8 switches on, duration 20 min
  • zone "exterior": 9pm-11pm, 3 switches on, duration 30min
  • zone "second floor": 9pm -10pm, 4 switches on, duration 30 min
  • zone "bedrooms": 10pm - 12am, 2 switches on, duration 45 min

That would simulate the household being active from 5pm-9pm, then gradually moving upstairs, then moving to the bedrooms.

So the line to change is around 35 or so in


iconUrl: "",
iconX2Url: ""


iconUrl: "",
iconX2Url: "",
singleInstance      : false,

In HE console -> apps code

Then you can install multiple copies under HE console -> apps

(ie 1 source file, but multiple running apps).

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