V2 Rule Machine for Motion Lighting


Not sure if its already been shared, but I would like to share my new rule, created after few hours trial and errors with just an idea in my head... :slightly_smiling_face:

My problem was, that I wanted to switch the light off even if it was turned on by something else not a motion rule. I didn't want to create another rule just to turn it off. The answer was simple, to just add another trigger, but took me long time to figure it out....
Thanks to @mircolino the rule is even simpler now.

I'm not a RM expert so forgive me if I missed something. But I think you could simplify the rule a bit:

Motion Sensor active
Light on

On (per mode): Light
Wait for condition: Motion Sensor inactive
Wait for event: --> elapsed time: 0:00:05
Off: Light

thanks @mircolino but your suggestion wouldn't cover when light is turned on by button, voice or another rule while motion sensor is inactive. also, no option to cancel elapsed time when motion is resumed during timeout.

I am also still learning and love how reliable RM and Hubitat is.

Yes it would. Wait for condition will exit immediately if the condition is met.

Not needed. Wait for event is automatically cancelled each time the rule is triggered.

See the official documentation.

Bingo!!! sweet, thanks @mircolino same rule and no IF statements!

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