V1 Iris smart outlets stopped responding...UPDATE

Ever since the last update, lights connected to Iris V1 smart plugs have stopped responding. I just updated the hub this morning to the latest firmware hoping it would solve the issue, but it has not. Anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: I unplugged the non-responding smart plugs and then plugged them back in and they are working again. Strange. I never had to do this with any previous firmware update (if that was the reason for this happening).

I noticed this too, but simply pressing the on/off button on each outlet seemed to correct this. They would not responding to Hubitat, then after manually turning them on, then off, they started responding again.

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I didn't know you could also simply press the button (much easier than unplugging it). Does it need to be a short or a long press? Does the light in the plug button need to come on? Thanks.

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I just pushed once to turn it on, then another press to turn it off, and then it was responding again.

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Thank you. This helps a lot.

Are your v1 outlets working properly now or are you having issues. My iris outlets have stopped responding. I can hit configure or hit power button but after 2 days it stops responding again

Haven’t checked lately, but had a power outage last night for a couple of hours and they are not responding. If I hit configure on each, they start working. There seems to be an issue with the driver such as if it is not activated in a certain time, it sleeps or loses some sort of hub connection. I will keep an eye on them and try in a few days.

@mike.maxwell have you seen any of this, or aware of it?

This is just the way these things work, when they loose power they enter a mode that disables remote on off commands until a specific command is sent to it.
We try to detect them comming back on line to re enable remote access, sometimes this works sometimes it doesnt...

My V1 outlets only had issues after a firmware update. Even outages did not cause issues in my experience. They do seem to be capricious as mike.maxwell pointed out.