V1 iris keypad driver availability?

Anyone know if anybody has written a driver for the Iris V1 keypad for Hubitat? Still keeping my hopes up, but looks like lost cause and just another paperweight.

@tony3286 I'm still hoping too. These V1 Keypads are awesome, and literally is the only thing missing from my system. I know there is a driver on the Systronicsrf system so it MUST be possible.

Glad to hear others also want a driver for the version 1 iris keypad! I agree its awesome. I wish, like the other version 1 iris's device drivers ,which were developed months ago, would have a driver developed sooner than later.

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Hoping for same. If only because it uses normal AA batteries.

Agreed! I don't think its on Mike Maxwell's top 10 list or even top 100 though lolol. Keypads have been a real pain for him to create drivers for, but we can all hope someday one will be available, then I can dust mine off and finally use it.