V1 iris contact sensor issue

Correct, but the issue he originally addressed (not showing proper status after pairing) was the same, EX: Some would only show battery status, or temp, or open/close after intial inclusion. After triggering each of the functions it then reported ALL not just a few status's correctly.

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Sure, but that's not related to them leaving the reservation....
It's generally good form to put a device through all it's paces, prior to entering into service....

No, I hit reply up on the beginning posts, and the post has migrated a bit it appears, I guess I should have used the Quotes in referring to what my comment was about, my bad.

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Currently 4 sylvania lightify, but my sengleds should be here tomorrow.

Yup, that will do it.
Osrams do not route well in busy networks, and the V1 devices are busy to say the least.
If you're having issues with your Zigbee devices, any of them, you need to remove all your bulbs except singleds.

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Have osrams also but never had an issue with iris zigbee network, what's the difference?

They are bad routers, there's a ton of posts about zigbee bulbs and repeater problems, I'm not going to rehash it here.

You may have tons of posts about how they don't work on hubitat. They worked fine on iris hub, hubitat is the issue

Not going to have this argument with you, we don't hobble our zigbee stack to acomodate misbehaving devices... it's a known issue, it's not a Hubitat problem.

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The Sylvania Osram Don't work good on the Sylvania Lightify system.. I had a couple of the them and the Sylvania Gardenspots. The Sylvania Bulbs cause problem on its own system. I tried them On Hubitat and it still caused problems. I put the bulb on the shelf..

The Osram Lightify bulbs are crap.. They belong in a landfill.

Whether they worked fine for you in Iris is irelevant. They are widely known to cause issues, including with SmartThings, even Iris. Lowe's thought they were garbage too and stopped selling them. They were also removed them from their list of officially supported devices.


Anyone have bulbs they recommend that play nice with Iris V1?

Sengleds for non-repeating, no hassle. Low cost and HIGHLY reliable.

Ikea Tradfri or Hue (but ONLY when connected to a Hue Hub).

Lifx (if you don't mind the cost and having to run a custom app/driver).

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All excellent choices.

There also Hue which hasn’t been mentioned. That has one advantage in that it is available for purchase virtually everywhere. You need a separate bridge to use them as it’s not recommended to connect them directly to Hubitat.

Thank you!

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I'm convinced. I had forgotten about a Osram light strip I had plugged in, not connected and it seems to have been causing havoc. Anyway:

Any recommendation for a light strip?

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Hmmm, those are a bit harder. I personally like the Yeelight strips, as they are local, but they are also WiFi, so there's that.

But there are TONS of options out there for simple 5050 LED strips running off SmartLife controllers. They're inexpensive and work really well with HE (with @ericm's [RELEASE] H801 & Other ESP8266 Based RGBW Controllers (SmartLife) project).

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I had serious issues with osrams can lights dropping after I installed iris gen 1 contacts and first alert smoke co detectors. I had to re-pair all sensors and detectors and about 5 Osram can lights. Maybe I paired too much new at once.....but it all works great now. Moving 90 devices was a chore.
edit: Update,Removing all Iris v1 sensors, all lost connections and had to repair and eventually all fell off with dead batteries...Osram can lights still dropping off. Disapointed Hubitat has to be in pair mode to find these Osrams while I unplug for 5 sec and on for 3 sec every time. Honestly after screwing with this home automation I cant say I would ever recommend it. Im 45 now and dont think I can get in the attic for plug modules and pulling out ladders for too much longer. There are serious issues with Iris V1 sensors.

Sorry, but am I misreading your post? It seems you are saying you were able to keep the Osrams and the V1 contact sensors without issues after re-pairing them. Is this correct? Also, do you have any V1 motion sensors? Thanks.

only 1 v1 motion and it dont work, dead batts. v1 sensors died too, all had issues staying paired. had to use Samsungs and all is good.

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